Testing IO performance with variable block size on NTFS and REFS

Basic command:

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Control Webasto Parkin Heater with Meitrack GPS

Here is a schematic diagram of connecting Meitrack GPS to control Webasto parking heater.
You can turn it on/off with the following SMS:

Or use some web app…
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Adaptive DDOS IDS firewall

We had a task to build a simple solution for DDOS protection on the learning phase of attack. Main goals were:

  1. To build it fast: We chose Ubuntu … as everything needed is compiled and build in.
  2. Minimum network intervention: We opted for L2/L3 bridge with iptables integration which we plugged between our autonomous system (AS) and internet.
  3. Auto learning offenders: Using honeypot service to distinguish non-legitimate connections. Log source IP address and drop packet with iptables. Using suricata ids to additionally analyze client requests.
  4. Auto block offenders: Using fail2ban to pars logs generated by iptables and suricata and temporary disable all connections from offending sources.
  5. Have some connection limit capabilities: Again we used iptables with connlimit and conntrack modules activated.

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OpenWrt mass configure simple script

Car diagnostic with ATmega328P Nano

I was in trouble reading my car’s live data. So I’ve wrote a little utility to read raw car sensors data i.e. i hook up before ECU and send it via serial port to PC using ATmega328P Nano and finally store it to file.

Where to get one:

How to install:
1. Flash AnalogReadSerial.hex  to ATMega.
2. Extract and run carauto. .Net 4 is needed.
3. Choose com port from dropdown menu.

How to use:
Connect analog/digital input to intended sensor via 1KOmh resistor. Please note that all inputs are 5V only!
Shorting digital Input 12 to ground will produce human readable data and will decrease sample rate.

Reading data:
Data are stored in Output.csv file with approximately 1000 samples/second.


Dell DRAC 5 config via ssh

Changing http, https, remote console ports

clear some space


Openvpn on OpenWRT does not start

with error:

try to add to /etc/rc.local:



Daewoo Tacuma ECU

KEMSCO                                                                                                                                                             DAEWOO

I have a problem with my Tacuma ECU. Randomly MAP sensor stalls at 115KPa. Triple checking sensor and wires shows that it works and I suspected that ADC in ECU is problematic. The easiest way to repair is to get spare ECU, read flash (AM29F200BB – chip#1) of old one and program it to new ECU.

Tacuma1 Tacuma2 Tacuma3 Tacuma4 Tacuma5 Tacuma5