GiGl first alpha version available

GiGl (Glycemic index/Glycemic load) is an app that I developed for personal usage. It is a fast way to check the expected response of your body to most of the commonly available foods. Key points:

  • No tracking. No adds. The app doesn’t require network permissions.
  • Insulin index (II where scientific study available).
  • Open-source.

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Fighting SPAM with postfix and fail2ban

After detecting spammers with an RBL list you can block them for a predefined period of time with the help of fail2ban. How does it work:
– fail2ban parses mail.log
– when a spammer IP is found it is added to a temporary list
– future requests from the spammer’s IP is blocked Continue reading “Fighting SPAM with postfix and fail2ban”

Copy data from bloomberg sft with winscp cmd

It is a little bit tricky to run winscp command. Here is a working example:

  1. connect and authenticate with pre shared key
  2. synchronize all except bin,etc
  3. exit with correct exit code
  4. eventually run powershell script


Running screen with su




Testing IO performance with variable block size on NTFS and REFS

Basic command:

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Control Webasto Parkin Heater with Meitrack GPS

Here is a schematic diagram of connecting Meitrack GPS to control Webasto parking heater.
You can turn it on/off with the following SMS:

Or use some web app…
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Change local admin password with PowerShell

Change local admin password on multiple machines with PowerShell.


Convert VMDK to VHDX with powershell