Car diagnostic with ATmega328P Nano

I was in trouble reading my car’s live data. So I’ve wrote a little utility to read raw car sensors data i.e. i hook up before ECU and send it via serial port to PC using ATmega328P Nano and finally store it to file.

Where to get one:

How to install:
1. Flash AnalogReadSerial.hex  to ATMega.
2. Extract and run carauto. .Net 4 is needed.
3. Choose com port from dropdown menu.

How to use:
Connect analog/digital input to intended sensor via 1KOmh resistor. Please note that all inputs are 5V only!
Shorting digital Input 12 to ground will produce human readable data and will decrease sample rate.

Reading data:
Data are stored in Output.csv file with approximately 1000 samples/second.


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