OpenWrt mass configure simple script

How to remove duplicated VMs in VMM console

  1.  Move machine to another hyper-v host via Failover Cluster Manager Console
  2.  Get ID of duplicated VM
  3. Double check working and duplicated machine
  4. Delete duplicated VM configuration

    Note the -Force option! You are risking to delete your data If you do NOT put -Force.

Exchange mailbox statistics in MB



Openvpn on OpenWRT does not start

with error:

try to add to /etc/rc.local:



Daewoo Lanos SRS/Airbag test

What you will need:
1. K-Line adapter connected to pin ” J”
2. Chevrolet Explorer 1.7 (free to use)

Procedure overview:
1. Get (or solder) a K-Line adapter.
2. Download Chevrolet Explorer (CE).
3. Connect to ALDL pins:Ground, +12V, J.
4. Turn on ignition. Do not start engine.
4. Start CE, set up COM Port, test adapter.
5. Double click “SRS” button (in orange).
6. Read Errors, clear errors.
7. Remove car key for 10 seconds.
8. Turn on ignition again.

Electric schematic:

Chevrolet Explorer:

Port setup:

Adapter test:

Airbag reset:


K-Line adapter schematic (can’t find original link):

Postfix tips

Fast and dirty parsing of /var/log/mail.log.

It shows: date, sender, recipient, mail id, status


Qmail abracadabras

Sent emails from:

Sent emails from:

Ubuntu 12.04 Stuck at “Stopping Userspace bootsplash”

Virtual machine downloaded from windows azure


1. Edit /etc/default/grub

2. Remove bloatware

If you are unable to enter rescue mode – use SystemRescueCd