Daewoo Lanos SRS/Airbag test

What you will need:
1. K-Line adapter connected to pin ” J”
2. Chevrolet Explorer 1.7 (free to use)

Procedure overview:
1. Get (or solder) a K-Line adapter.
2. Download Chevrolet Explorer (CE).
3. Connect to ALDL pins:Ground, +12V, J.
4. Turn on ignition. Do not start engine.
4. Start CE, set up COM Port, test adapter.
5. Double click “SRS” button (in orange).
6. Read Errors, clear errors.
7. Remove car key for 10 seconds.
8. Turn on ignition again.

Electric schematic:

Chevrolet Explorer:

Port setup:

Adapter test:

Airbag reset:


K-Line adapter schematic (can’t find original link):

17 thoughts on “Daewoo Lanos SRS/Airbag test”

  1. I have the same module AS you, tried to solder a cable but no luck. Do you know when I can buy a propriate cable? Tried eBay, but can’t seem to find the correct cable.


    1. Unfortunately no.
      It is a simple schematic that is hard to be messed up.
      Maybe you are missing something.
      Sometimes I switch Tx Rx, connect other adapter : like ALDL …
      There is a TEST in software that is showing correctly working adapter.

  2. Thanks for your reply
    I try making a new k-line cable.

    Just to clarify a few things.
    RxD and TxD is connected to the 9pin serial cable rigth?
    And pin 5 serial is connected to the cars ground and 12V from the cars battery?


    1. 2,3,5 to serial port
      5 is ground , common to serial and car
      do not connect +12V to ground directly!
      5 is NOT connected to +12V

      only when you see dot on 2 lines crossing – only then you have connection.

  3. Hi,

    I was able to get connected and read the error codes.
    I used parts from an arduino starter kit.
    2 100uF capacitors in series
    2 2N2222 transistors
    1 IN4007 diode.

    It came out with:

    31. internal fault. Replace SDM.
    24. Ignition input circuit, Voltage to low.

    So now I am looking for a replacement SDM online. or is it possible to repair the module?

    Thanks for a great guide! 🙂

      1. Tried to clear the errors, but it didnt seem to work.

        Pressed clear errors button and lost communication to the module.
        Switched of ignition and switched it back on after 10 sec.
        Still error 24 and 31 was present.

        Also tried this way:
        1. pressed clear errors
        2. Lost communication to the module
        3. the program reconnected
        4. After connecting the program showed up with the same errors.

        Found a module from Netherland for just 25$ so hope I am able reset this without problems.


        1. Please note that you have to disconnect car battery at least 1 hour before disconnecting SRS module.
          There is a super capacitor in it that may blow your airbags.

  4. Hi,

    The new airbag unit turned out to be what I needed, so now the Lanos has passed its MOT! 🙂

    Thanks to your helpful blog 🙂

  5. Hello I have Daewoo Lanos 2000, airbag light is on. How to switch error code off? Can someone sell the device for this? If you see message in the next 7 days, please reach out. I will be monitoring the blog for 1 week. Many thanks!

    1. You can solder one for you. If that is not an option – try to search online for K-Line adapter. The results may vary between different adapters.

      1. Sorry – I was not clear. You can use K-Line as a base. Get 3 cables from it: +- and data. Connect it to ADLI/ODB2 connector.

        1. Hi Milan, thanks for quick answer. Is there any chance you can sell this product that would solve the problem? The mechanic looked at the connection and couldn’t connect with OBD2. I am not an expert in this field as you can see.

          1. I’m sorry. I do not make/sell any of this. You can connect to your car ADLI connector with wires only, some thin hard wire will do the trick. And you can even skip the soldering part. Just twist the elements pins and be careful not to short something.

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